About Me

The story of how Tiny Little Toes was born….
about me
Having worked in a fast-paced sales environment for more than 9 years, we decided it was time to start a family. The funny thing was that I thought my job as a Project (Sales) Manager was hard…ha….what a joke!!!! That was a breeze now that I look back on it.

Master Maximus was born in 2005, and if that wasn’t keeping me busy Miss Alessia arrived 16 months later. You would think that would have kept both my hands full….not me….always up for a challenge….so… Miss Talia was born 18 months after her big sister. Having 3 little spunks under 3 years of age kept me on my toes & in a “zombie-like” state for quite some time. I forgot what a full nights sleep felt like…..still don’t know! During this time, returning to work was not an option, & as I had to buy doubles & triples of everything it got me thinking…..how do “every-day” families afford another cot, mattress, change table, pram etc.

Through my experience of expensive items that didn’t really last the distance, (considering I had 3 little ones….) I began looking into local & imported quality items that would last, & were versatile. In 2011 Tiny Little Toes was born & my husband & I have been sourcing quality versatile products for “every-day” families. No large overheads means that you are getting a great item at a great price.

PS: You can see our 3 gorgeous children on the home page slideshow (hugging trees…..such nature lovers).

PSS: If you (or someone you know) has a great product for babies/kids, drop us an email enquiry@tinylittletoes.com.au

Hope you enjoy shopping at Tiny Little Toes Pty Ltd…..

NB: Wholesale enquiries welcomed