Organic King Single Bed Mattress

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100% Organic Cotton Posture Practic King Single Bed Mattress


204 x 107 x 20cm

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Organic Deluxe Posture Practic Innerspring Single Bed Mattress

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Anyone will tell you that this mattress is pure luxury. 
Newly designed by Tiny Little Toes Pty Ltd this mattress boasts the following:  
 100% Certified Organic Cotton 

 Deluxe look & feel….Satisfaction guaranteed

Posture Practic spinal support



 Innersprings for added support 
 High quality top & bottom quilting 
Heavier quilting ~ classic knit 
A massive 10 year warranty 

Designed & Manufactured in Australia


Why Organic?


The primary reason is that they’re safer for babies than synthetic mainstream mattresses. Organic baby mattresses are made with all natural products. They are also environmentally friendly, free from any pesticides or harmful sprays.
Organic cot mattresses are more expensive than traditional cot mattresses. But given the fact that a new baby spends 70-80 percent of her time sleeping, it might be worth a little bit extra to get an organic cot mattress. When you lay your baby down on something you know is chemical free, you may find that you rest easier yourself. The fact that it is fully manufactured in Australia is just an added bonus. 

Organic cotton is certified according to Global Organic Textile Standards by Central Union Certifications, Netherlands.

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Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 206 x 109 x 22 cm